Visa & Medical Insurance Requirements

It is important to understand that international students must have an appropriate visa or study permit to complete their intended studies in Canada.

Visa regulations are decided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), a department of the Canadian Government.

We advise you to check for updated visa information at the Canadian consulate or embassy nearest to you prior to your departure for Canada.

To find the closest Canadian Consulate or Embassy, click here.

The information contained here is for informational purposes only, and should be verified on the CIC Website.

Where there are any discrepancies between our website, and the CIC website, the CIC website should always take precedence.

You can find the CIC website at

Do I need a visa to study in Canada?

If you are going to study for 6 months or less, you do not need a visa if you are from a visa exempt country.

Please visit the following website for a list of visa exempt countries.

If you are going to study for longer than 6-months, you are required to obtain a study permit.

For rules and application forms, click here.

Visitor Visa vs Study Permit

Visitor Visa for programs that are 6-months or less, citizens of visa-exempt countries do not need to apply for a visitor visa (please see above). You do not need to study at a designated learning institution.

Study Permit for programs that are longer than 6-months, all students must apply for a study permit (please see above), you must study at a designated learning institution to obtain a study permit.

Medical Insurance

You are required to have medical insurance while you are in Canada. You can purchase private medical insurance from your home country or you can purchase private medical insurance through VIC-CC. The cost of insurance is $2.34/day plus 12% tax. Some students will have access to provincial health insurance. Please visit for more information.