Partners and Affiliates

CIBT Education Group Inc.

CIBT Education Group Inc. is one of the largest education and student housing investment companies in Canada, focused on the global education market since 1994. Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and U.S OTCQX International, CIBT owns business and language colleges, student housing properties, recruitment centres and corporate offices at 45 locations in Canada and abroad. Total annual enrolment for the group exceeds 15,000 students.

Its education providers include Sprott Shaw College (established in 1903), Sprott Shaw Language College, Vancouver International College, Vancouver International College Career Campus and CIBT School of Business. Through these schools, CIBT offers business and management programs in healthcare, hotel management, language training, and over 150 career, language and vocational programs.

CIBT’s property investments are owned by Global Education City Holdings Inc., an investment holding and management company focused on developing education; related real estate such as student hotels, serviced apartments and education super centres totalling over $600 million. CIBT also owns Global Education Alliance (“GEA”) and Irix Design Group (“Irix Design”). Irix Design is a leading design and advertising company based in Vancouver. GEA recruits international students for many elite kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities in North America.

ITT - Interpreting & Translation Test

IITA – International Interpretation & Translation Association

International Interpretation & Translation Association (IITA) was first established in 1999 and has made tremendous contributions towards improving and standardizing the quality of translation and interpretation in Korea and protecting rights of interpreters and translators working in Korea. The organization also has developed the Interpretation & Translation Test (ITT), first held in 2009. This exam is recognized by the Ministry of Justice in Korea as a nationally certified licence exam for translators.

SSLC – Sprott Shaw Language College

SSLC is a private English language school in Canada providing academic and innovative programming to international students. SSLC offers a variety of programs including English as a Second Language, TOEFL, IELTS, FCE Cambridge, Business English, Power Speaking and Modern Media, Academic English Preparation and University Pathway Programs with more than 25 college & university partners, Summer & Winter Camps and customized programming.

SSC – Sprott Shaw College

A long time ago SSC’s  founders Robert James Sprott and William Henry Shaw had a vision. They wanted to create a college offering the right programs to meet the needs of the current economy and broader community; programs that provided students with relevant skills and meaningful jobs in high growth industries. Over 100 years later that’s still exactly what Sprott Shaw provides.

Sprott Shaw offers a different option beyond what is currently expected of the private and public sectors within the educational system. We offer accredited, relevant, respected education, and training delivered in a modern way. Also, our history sets us apart from other private institutions.

Queen TESOL Centre

Queen TESOL Centre, located in Istanbul, was founded by English instructors and is dedicated to training ESL teachers using the most innovative and effective tools and methodologies. Programs offered include: TESOL, TESOL for Children, TESOL for Test Preparation and Practical Teaching Skills. Queen TESOL Centre promises graduates that they will become better English teachers, more qualified instructors and gain a solid understanding of teaching methodologies in the 21st century. Make a difference – make Queen TESOL Centre your choice!