Why Choose Us?

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are professional and knowledgeable. We take pride in our job and we have the experience to assist you move closer to your goals.

We love what we do and we believe in positive outcomes. We’ll encourage you when needed and we’ll congratulate you on your successes. We’re here for you.

Customized In-House Curricula

Our Teacher Training (TESOL), Interpreting & Translation, Customer Service, and Business programs have been created by our experienced in-house curriculum design team and guarantee students a unique approach to learning and a high standard of quality.

Canadian and Global Approach

Our Global Business Expertise program utilizes a customized set of our in-house curriculum and contents from the Canadian Institute of Management which combined allows students an approach to learning that is balanced as well as globally minded, and provides an in-depth insight into the Canadian business scene.

Study and Work Options

For students who are interested in expanding their learning opportunity to include work experience, we offer Advanced Customer Service Professional with Co-op Program and Advanced Global Business Expertise with Co-op Program.

I think the knowledge and the support at every moment in my co-op was a big role in my success working at Canadian Western Bank
The whole process, since the college classes from the work experience, was full of good surprises. The program was a good choice, especially with the instructor Luc Corijn, with his great experience and relevant examples from daily and real life. His classes prepared me as a professional and opened my mind for new challenges. After all this process, I feel more prepared and motivated to continue studying and working to achieve my goals.

Dedication, efficiency and civility. All these things describe the professionals that work and teach at VICCC. I had good times in all my classes, thoroughly enjoyed the modern and interactive teaching styles and overall had fun interacting with students from all over the world. The classes were concise, educational and did not try to overload the students. VICCC is an experience to remember and I for one, will.

BM Classes are relevant nowadays and provide irreplaceable knowledge which can be used in today’s business, economic, financial sphere and employees relations. Since studying BM, I discovered in myself an entrepreneurial talent, learned how to cooperate and become a team player. This course also provided an opportunity to receive practical knowledge which is so important in everyday life. For example, the invitation of an interview or creative team work made me feel comfortable in stressful situations. That’s why BM course is worth studying.

Being able to go to an elementary school or kindergarten is an unforgettable experience. I’ve gotten to see children’s reactions to my lessons.
Mayra Alejandra Lopez BullaAGBE with Co-op
Livia Giongo Correla MasciAGBE with Co-op
John BielerAGBE with Co-op
Roman ProdyusBM
Chieko AbeTESOL for Children